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We are the meeting point for cybersecurity in the Basque Country.

What is Cyberzaintza?

Cyberzaintza, is the organization designated by the Basque Government to promote cybersecurity in the Basque Country.

In order to achieve our objectives, we lead and support a multitude of initiatives that contribute to raising the level of maturity of cybersecurity in the Basque society. The centre’s work can be grouped into 3 main blocks.

Escudo con candado - acceso a nuestro CERT


We take the form of a response team to cybersecurity incidents and offer prevention and response services.

Engranajes - acceso a innovación en ciberseguridad

Innovating cybersecurity

In order to face future challenges, it is necessary to possess tools that empower companies and professionals.

Manos estrechándose - acceso a nuestro ecosistema empresa

Promoting our ecosystem

With a view to attracting investment and talent, we collaborate with Basque companies and contribute to the development of their businesses.

Cyberzaintza is made up of:

Basque Government Departments

• Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment.

• Security.

• Public Governance and Self-Government.

• Education.

Technology Centres

• Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics.

• Ikerlan.

• Tecnalia.

• Vicomtech.

At the international, state and local levels we align with:

At the local level, we align ourselves with the Basque network of science, technology and innovation, and with key public actors of the Basque Government (EJIE, Ertzaintza, Department of Education, Izenpe, AVPD, etc.) as well as with numerous professional, business and citizen associations operating in the Basque Country. At the state and international level, we collaborate with other organisations focused on providing joint and coordinated response to cyberthreats, and others focused on attracting investment and promoting the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem.

Global Epic
Woman4Cyber Spain

Check out the 2025 Cybersecurity Strategic Plan in this video!

International collaboration for innovation in cybersecurity

We participate in international initiatives that serve to drive cybersecurity innovation globally, strengthen existing cybersecurity ecosystems, drive the development of the cybersecurity value chain in the EU, and help foster business investment in cybersecurity.