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102 Basque companies to receive grants from the Basque Government to boost industrial cybersecurity

The Industrial Cybersecurity grant programme offers a maximum of 18,000 Euros per company, and aims to boost cybersecurity across the sector and especially in projects focusing on the convergence and integration of cyberattack protection systems in the IT / OT (Information Technology / Operational Technology) areas of industrial manufacturing companies.

These Industrial Cybersecurity grants are the pioneering brainchild of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC), which forms part of the SPRI Group and is situated in the Alava Technological Park. The centre's main aims are to revitalise and strengthen the business sector related to cybersecurity, to position the Basque Country as an international benchmark in the matter of cybersecurity, and to boost a culture of safe IT among Basque society as a whole.

The spotlight was first turned on the question of Cybersecurity in September 2017, with the creation of the Centre, and endorsed by various initiatives including the aid programme for industrial cybersecurity, which encapsulates the Basque Government's commitment to its companies and citizens, and led our country to its current position as an international reference point in the world of Cybersecurity.

The concrete terms relative to industrial cybersecurity which underlie this initiative include the improvement and implementation of perimetral cybersecurity systems for Internet connections; cybersecurity audits; the introduction of online security, strategic and master plans in their various stages; the installation of secure remote access; training in cybersecurity for industrial users; fragmentation and perimetre security; firewalls; residential community security etc.

The new line of Industrial Cybersecuirty grants rolled out in 2018 will be continued in 2019, just as Arantxa Tapia, the Basque Government's Regional Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructure, announced at the Basque Cybersecurity Day.



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