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The BCSC participates in the new EiTB series TXAC PLANET for the supervision of contents.

TXAC Planet is the series broadcast on ETB3 and promoted and produced by the Gaia Cluster, EiTB, Azaroa Films and Digitómica, together with our collaboration, that of Kutxa Fundazioa and the support of Beaz Bizkaia. This is a television series that addresses the logic of computational thinking and IT literacy, a format that aims to familiarise children with cybersecurity and programming language. At the BCSC, we have had the opportunity to do our bit by supervising the contents of this pioneering and magical project.

We are committed to raising awareness and education in the field of cybersecurity from an early age. A commitment to promoting good practices and a healthy relationship between young people and the Internet.



From the BCSC we have launched a monthly newsletter with the most relevant information at the click of a button where the most outstanding news about the cybersecurity sector is sent

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