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BCSC presents the opportunities offered in the Basque Country for Cybersecurity entrepreneurs at the European Cyber Week

One of the greatest challenges for the European cybersecurity sector is to compete with suppliers from the USA and Israel, two heavy-weights who already their muscle at the Basque Cybersecurity Day. In order to join the game and bring the old continent to the fore in the world of cybersecurity, public administrations and the private sector must work together, to boost a single European market which is able to facilitate the creation and growth of our companies.

Creating "Cyber Valleys", hand in hand with other European regions

During the European Cyber Week, the regions will be the protagonists of the programme entitled "European regions at the forefront of cybersecurity", to be held on Wednesday 21st. The day will open with a Round Table focused on the fragmentation of the cybermarket, with speakers from various different institutions and government bodies.

Following the Round Table, the regional representatives will take the floor. On a panel chaired by Danilo D'Elia (ECSO), who was also present at the Basque Cybersecurity Day, the main theme will be: "From Silicon Valley to Start Up Nation: which opportunities for European Valleys"; an ideal stage from which to present the Basque Country as an attractive destination for working with and investing in cybersecurity, as Javier Diéguez will explain.

The Basque Country offers a complete ecosystem for building a cybersecurity business

The Basque Country will be presented before its European counterparts as an ideal region to set up cybersecurity companies, offering all types of advantages. Within Basque Industry 4.0 - a venture incorporating innovation in both means and production systems - our country offers companies a network of assets and systems, connected via the Basque Digital Innovation Hub.

The BDIH is co-owned by the I+D centre and the Basque Government, and its assets will be open to collaborative public/private initiatives as of the beginning of 2019. This initiative has the infrastructures to offer training, research, testing and validation services to companies, and currently centres on three hubs of activity: additive manufacturing, flexible robotics and cybersecurity.

Companies present in the Basque Country, and those interested in setting up and developing activities related to the cybersecurity sector, should contact the BDIH, who will put them in touch with over 100 4.0 assets, 360º-vision technological consultancy, technological transfer for industrialisation, training and educational workshops.

These businesses will be in good company, as the cybersecurity ecosystem in the Basque Country is growing at a great rate. In addition to the presence of the BCSC, which is dynamising the sector, and important businesses in the three historic territories, the i2basque network also has five cutting-edge laboratories: Vicomtech, focusing on Industry 4.0 and block-chain, Tecnalia PTA, working on training and up-skilling, Tecnalia PTB (oriented towards Smart-Grid, automation and block-chain), Ikerlan (focusing on testing, product certification, Industry 4.0 and block-chain) and BCAM (centred on mathematical models and simulations).

The Basque Country is already internationally recognised as an innovative region and, with our help, it now hopes to win this same recognition in the cybersecurity sector.



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