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Users' security and privacy under threat from the IoT avalanche - one of the core themes of Bilbao's IoT Week

The event, organised by Iot Forum and IK4 Tekniker, and backed by Grupo SPRI, will be divided up into five days of themes including the convergence of the IoT with the future of 5G, the possibilities offered by combining with Big Data and AI, or the benefits for the agricultural sector, intelligent cities and healthy living.

IoT Week will also be a showcase for progress iin this area made in the Basque Country, with well-known companies in the IoT sector such as Tekniker, Ibermática and ULMA. In fact, the official programme for the event includes a guided tour of the IK4 Tekniker installations in Eibar, where participants will be able to get to know this non-profit R+D centre, set up to encourage business competitivity.

Cybersecurity, a must for the IoT

The growth of the IoT sector is unstoppable, but one crucial aspect must not be forgotten: security and the protection of privacy. The Internet of Things has flooded our homes with connected devices - some of which are a common sight, like robot vacuum cleaners or TVs, and other newer gadgets like intelligent fridges, toothbrushes and light bulbs. Many of these devices are able to record sound and vision, or detect movements, and so it is vital that whatever their sensors pick up is only accessible to those who should have access, and maintaining users' privacy must be an obligation on behalf of the industry.

The workshop scheduled for Monday 4th June will address precisely this question of the security and privacy in the IoT. It will be held at 14.30 in Room A3.3, with the participation of Javier Diéguez (Director of BCSC), Erkuden Riós Velasco (Project Manager R+D+i in Tecnalia), Stefan Lüders (Director of IT Security in CERN Brice), Pasquale Annicchino (Senior Consultant at Archimede Solutions), Jacques Kruse Brandao (Director of Policy Issues and Public Co-Creation at NXP Semiconductors) and Arthur Van de Wees (Director General of Arthur's Legal).

With over 1,000 experts from 49 countries, the themes debated and decided on during the IoT Week will make an impact on the future of IoT. Bilbao, the innovative, forward-looking city chosen to host the event, played an important role in the industry of the Basque Country and today is committed to modernisation. By embracing the IoT, Bilbao maintains and boosts its competitivity.



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