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We introduce CyberCommander at BIEMH2022; an event that aims to break the mould in the world of cybersecurity applied to the machine tool sector.

Unity is strength and, once again, we have joined forces with Cybasque and IKERLAN to break the mould in the world of cybersecurity applied to the Machine-Tools sector. We want to raise awareness of the importance of teamwork between suppliers, companies and customers when danger lurks, and that is why we have created the CyberCommander event.

During the BIEMH 2022 (International Machine-Tools Biennial), companies related to the industrial or cybersecurity sectors had the opportunity not only to learn about industry challenges, suppliers and solutions, but also enjoy a pioneering experience in the Basque Country. The need to provide a coordinated response from the Basque industry was the driving force behind this idea that we launched together with Cybasque and the organisational support of Ikerlan. We also counted on the collaboration of Ingeteam, Fagor Automation, Jakin Code, Secure & IT, Entelgy Innotec Security, ONA EDM, among others.

The main attraction of the event was the dramatisation of a cyber-attack on the value chain of a group of companies in the production process, from components to the end customer. The audience from the Machine-Tools sector was able to see how several companies face real cybersecurity challenges in order to overcome a crisis, with professionals from Basque companies playing the different roles.

Moreover, there were also short five-minute talks in an ‘Ignite Talks’ format by Imanol García, R&D Project Manager, Power Grid Automation at Ingeteam, Javier Arenas López, Research and Development Engineer at Fagor Automation, and Aitor Urbieta, Team Leader and participant in the Cybersecurity in Digital Platforms team at Ikerlan. In them, the experts presented the main cybersecurity challenges that are part of their day-to-day work.

After the theatrical performance, we started a panel of experts moderated by Salvador Trujillo, where Agustin Muñoz-Grandes, CEO of S21sec; Arkaitz Gamino García, Director of Industrial Cybersecurity in the European Market of Accenture, representing Cybasque; and Iñaki Belaustegi, Head of the Corporate Management Model at Mondragon Corporation, presented solutions and some points to pay attention to, such as hardware security.

Below, you can find a compilation of vignettes, videos, interviews... and many more contents that may be of interest to you to enrich your knowledge.



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