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White Paper on Cybersecurity in the Basque Country

The adoption of new technologies has brought about a digital transformation of society, its public bodies and its businesses, and, as a consequence of this transformation, we are now faced with new threats and risks.

In an attempt to minimise the impact of these new threats and risks in the European Union, the European Commission itself laid out a cybersecurity strategy, with the aim of fostering the European values of freedom and democracy, and ensure a safe growth of the digital economy. In order to do this they have recently passed various regulations and directives, including the NIS Directive, whose objective is to reinforce the cyber-resilience of IT systems, reducing the impact of cybercrime on the internet and strengthening the EU's cybersecurity policy and international cyber-defence.

Concurrently, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, passed on 27th April by the European Parliament, has supposed a new legal framework for matters relating to data protection across the European Union. Said regulation reinforces the principles of privacy and controls the new laws and new obligations for all concerned, based on the new principle of accountability and proactive responsibility which calls for due diligence from every organisation whose operations involve processing personal data.

Within this context, the Basque Country, as an example of a modern, advanced society, has as its goal a model of greater social cohesion, security and resilience. In order to reach this goal, and thanks to the support of the Basque Government, the Basque CyberSecurity Centre was set up as part of the Basque Agency for Business Development which depends in turn on the Basque Government's Department for Economic Development and Infrastructures.

By way of an introduction to the general situation of the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem, we have drawn up this study to show an analysis of the cybersecurity sector, including key aspects such as the prospects and opportunities facing the sector, and a detailed description of the current situation of organisations dedicated to cybersecurity existent in the Basque Country today.

The document may be accessed via the following link.



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