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We are here to help improve cybersecurity in the Basque Country. With this in mind, please contact us if you think we can help you.



Albert Einstein 46, 3ª planta, Edificio E7

Parque Tecnológico de Álava

01510 Vitoria-Gazteiz


945 236 636

GPS coordinates

42º 54' 37.74" N 2º 40.01' 12" O

Manejo e intercambio de información sensible

Management and sharing of sensitive information

At BCSC, we follow the incident management guidelines proposed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Trusted Introducer Code of Good Practice.

We also encourage anyone exchanging sensitive information to use the traffic light protocol (TLP). The is available to all users.

PGP public keys

We recommend that all sensitive information be sent to us encrypted in order to protect its confidentiality.
Our PGP public keys are listed below:

GPG fingerprint: 0892 7DE8 AADE F4A8 530C 54F1 AFB3 7E74 B803 5F4A

Download BCSC public key.

GPG fingerprint: 9EE7 86DA 1598 CF7C 3104 3338 D6DC 320D 2DC5 C50A

Download public key for sending INCIDENCES / ARAZOAK

GPG fingerprint: 4C32 CBFF F2D8 5BEA 6798 AED2 959D C3E4 7AD1 A427

Download CSIRT public key

Javier Diéguez Barriocanal


GPG fingerprint: 2806 52E2 8DF9 2528 89DE AF0B 887F F29C 53EA 020B

Download Javier Diéguez's public key.

Asier Martínez Retenaga

Responsable de los servicios del CSIRT

GPG fingerprint: 8B67 B4A8 4718 B0EB 069B AED9 43A3 DB3D 466A A0E3

Download Asier Martinez’s public key.

Iratxe Martín Soriano

Responsable de Infraestructura

GPG fingerprint: 2B5E 6A9B E180 4E80 AA57 BDF1 301F ADE3 6022 D3B5

Download Iratxe Martín's public key.

Eriz Lopetegui Fernández

Ingeniero de operaciones

GPG fingerprint: F96E 827F 9B30 75A6 EA5F 49BE 916B 24A9 7AFE 8369

Download Eriz Lopetegui’s public key.