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The Basque Country to lead European state-run and private collaboration on Cybersecurity

This positioning of the Basque Country as an international reference point in the application of cybersecurity technology in industry was in fact one of the driving forces behind the Basque Government's setting up of the BCSC, within the framework of SPRI, the Basque Agency for Business Development.

Since this January, the Basque Cybersecurity Centre is a fully-fledged member of ECSO, Europe's principal network of cybersecurity, made up of public institutions, companies, research institutions, associations, regions and different entities dedicated to cybersecurity.

The Partnership Board is the formal communication channel between the ECSO and the European Commission for debating the calendar of work related to cybersecurity projects, included in the Horizonte 2020 initiative, to adopt subjects related to the general R+D+i programme and to follow up state-run and private collaboration projects

This Committee has set up an open dialogue between members of the ECSO in order to reach the goals agreed on in the contractual agreement with the European Community.

The intense activity which the BCSC has played a part in over the last six months, bringing added value to the working groups on Investment, Education and Regions, has led the ECSO to consider the Basque Country for a leadership role, taking up the position reserved for the Regional representative on the Partnership Board.



From the BCSC we have launched a monthly newsletter with the most relevant information at the click of a button where the most outstanding news about the cybersecurity sector is sent

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