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The Basque Cybersecurity Centre presents their credentials to the European Commission

Last June the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO) chose Javier Diéguez, the Director of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre, to represent the European Regions on the Partnership Board of this public-private body which acts as the formal channel of communication between the ECSO and the European Commission. In this way, the Basque Country took a decisive step in consolidating its position as a European reference point in cybersecurity. It was precisely this aim of positioning the Basque Country as an international benchmark in the application of cybersecurity technologies in advanced manufacturing industries which the Basque Government has cited as one of its objectives since the BCSC was set up, through the GRUPO SPRI, in October 2017.

The Partnership Board (a committee of public and private collaborators) is the formal channel of communication between the ECSO and the European Union, and is used for discussing the programme of work related to cybersecurity projects, implementing matters related to the wider R+D+i programme, and monitoring the agreements with public and private collaborators. This Committee is the gateway to establishing open dialogue between the members of the ECSO in order to meet the goals set under the contractual relationship with the European Commission. The Basque Country has been leading this programme since June 2017 as representative of the European Regions Partnership Board.

The BCSC's activity in promoting the Basque cybersecurity industry has had important repercussions, and in December 2017 led the members of ECSO to consider Javier Diéguez for the position of head of ECSO's Work Group number 2, thus contributing with ideas which have been proven in regional industry and are transferable to the European industrial model. The Work Group aims to develop the cybersecurity market and investors in Europe, as well as promoting initiatives focused on international collaboration.

On Wednesday, 15th May, the ECSO Partnership Board met with representatives from the European Commission to present various initiatives which the ECSO is currently working on with a view to developing the European Cybersecurity industry. Among the spokespersons who presented initiatives, it was Javier Diéguez who explained the most important projects undertaken by Work Group 2. More specifically, Diéguez presented the Commission with the Cybersecurity Market Radar which catalogues every cybersecurity agent across Europe, the activities currently attracting investors and thereby allowing the cybersecurity industry to grow, and the bilateral meetings held with representatives of other global ecosystems, such as last month's meeting with Japan.



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