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Javier Diéguez participates in the summer course 'Parliament and the digital world' at the UPV in collaboration with the Basque Parliament

Technology and digital transformation are changing many aspects of people’s lives, but also those of institutions, including parliaments. Moreover, cybersecurity is a particularly sensitive factor, generally speaking, in the field of Public Administration. Precisely on the subject of ‘Parliament and the digital world’, our Director, Javier Diéguez, gave a talk in the framework of the summer courses of the University of the Basque Country in collaboration with the Basque Parliament on 12 July.

Javier Diéguez focused on governance and good cybersecurity practices, delving into two regulations applicable to the public sphere. Firstly, the National Security Scheme, which aims to establish the security policy for the use of electronic media, consisting of basic principles and minimum requirements that allow an adequate protection of information. Secondly, the European NIS Directive, which seeks to develop cybersecurity capabilities across the Union, reduce threats to networks and information systems used to provide essential services in critical sectors and ensure the continuity of these services in the event of cybersecurity incidents



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