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BCSC relevant milestones

Milestones 28/12/2018

This year a total of 102 companies - 56 in Guipuzkoa, 25 in Biscay and 21 in Alava - have taken advantage of the Basque Government grants for boosting industrial cybersecurity. The programme, a pioneer in our area, is driven by SPRI and had an initial budget of 600,000 Euros, which was later…

Milestones 20/09/2022

After the summer and with the return to activity, we received a visit from a delegation of the Government of Chihuahua, Mexico at the facilities of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre, which is touring different points of contact in the Basque Country.

Milestones 18/07/2018

The Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC), has inaugurated its new installations today, in the presence of the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu and three members of his government: the ministers responsible for Economic Development and Infrastructures (Arantxa Tapia), Education (Cristina Uriarte) and…

Milestones 16/01/2018

European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) aims to promote and develop cybersecurity initiatives across Europe, with a special emphasis on collaborations between state-run and private contracts, under the auspices of the European Commission.

Milestones 06/11/2018

From its outset in September 2017, one of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre's main aims has been to promote cybersecurity measures in Industry, in order to raise the level of protection in Basque companies, and to promote cybersecurity as a tool to gain a competitive edge. To this end, our first year…

Milestones 03/01/2019

Continuing advances in the 4.0 strategy of the Basque industrial sector have been the driving force behind the development of a strong cybersecurity industry over the last few years. Uniting in one single geographical area both an important demand for cybersecurity services and a well-rounded offer…

Milestones 19/11/2018

Rennes (Francia) is hosting the 3rd edition of the European Cyber Week from the 19th to the 22nd November. The European Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense forums will gather over 2,500 experts, including our director, Javier Diéguez, in representation o f the BCSC. Diéguez will be taking part in the…

Milestones 10/06/2022

On 10 June, we travelled to San Francisco to represent ECSO at a European Cybersecurity meeting hosted by the Consulate General of the Netherlands. One of the main objectives of the event was to show the high level of quality existing in Europe in cybersecurity innovation.

Milestones 17/06/2022

Eriz Lopetegui has participated in the second conference of the University of the Basque Country’s summer course entitled ‘The Company 4.0: digitisation and information technologies as a source of business competitiveness’.

Milestones 14/04/2019

The Basque CyberSecurity Centre and the Basque Government's General Secretariat for Foreign Affairs have met in Madrid with representatives from various foreign Embassies in order to promote the cybersecurity skills present in the technological ecosystem of the Basque Country.

Milestones 30/04/2019

The flagship events for Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity in the Basque Country will be celebrated jointly this year, remaining true to our goal of serving as a meeting point for public institutions, companies, business clusters, technological centres and universities, at local, national and…

Milestones 25/05/2018

The industrial sector is making a great effort to evolve into Industry 4.0, by dedicating not only economic but also human resources to maintain and build its competitive edge. The impact in the Basque Country is huge, bearing in mind that this strong infrastructure and development makes up 24% of…

Milestones 04/02/2018

With the aim of sharing information about vulnerabilities, incidents, tools and other key elements in response to incidents affecting internet security, internationally renown experts met from the 4th to the 7th February for the "TF-CSIRT meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe" in Hamburg.

Milestones 12/07/2022

Technology and digital transformation are changing many aspects of people’s lives, but also those of institutions, including parliaments. Moreover, cybersecurity is a particularly sensitive factor, generally speaking, in the field of Public Administration.

Milestones 01/12/2022

The 16th STIC CCN-CERT Conference was held yesterday. In it, our director Javier Diéguez received recognition for his participation in and contribution to the Industry and R&D&I Promotion Working Group, awarded by the National Cybersecurity Forum to the people who collaborate with them.…

Milestones 07/07/2022

We start July with the participation of Javier Diéguez in an interesting round table organised by the technology campus 42Urduliz, in the framework of the conference entitled ‘Training in cybersecurity: solution or challenge?’ This was opened by Ainara Basurko, Regional Deputy for Economic…

Milestones 29/10/2018

Frontiers do not exist for cybercriminals, and because of this, global collaboration between CIRST (Incident Response and Security Teams) is key. In 2017 the Ertzaintza recorded a total of 9,127 cybercrimes in the Basque Country. This figure was 20% up on the previous year, and in the first 6…

Milestones 02/03/2022

The increased use of social engineering techniques in cybercrime is evident. These have been a key part in many of the highest impacting cyber-attacks in recent years.